last updated 7/21/2021

Sweet N Disgusting is a black independently owned and operated small business. I hand alter all of my custom pieces by hand on my own. The majority of my pieces are all discontinued plushes/ plush backpacks from the early 00s which are no longer manufactured. I work off the plushes and backpacks themselves, I do not manufacture the plushes. My custom backpacks/plushes will exclusively be sold here. All of Sweet N Disgusting is operated by one person.
Based in Eugene, OR


Q: Why are your customs so expensive?
A: You're paying for the vintage plush/plush backpack, time spent designing, labor, materials, taxes, and fees. I hand alter all pieces by myself with just my hands. There is no mass production and no other employees. 
Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: I will no longer be doing custom orders/commissions.
Q: Where do you get your materials used to customize your backpacks/plushes from as well as the actual backpacks/plushes?
A: All over the internet. There is no one stop shop I order from.
Q: How come you only make a small amount of backpacks for each drop?
A: I am one person hand altering everything, taking all of the pictures, sourcing materials, and shipping everything out. Sweet N Disgusting does not mass produce.
Q: When is the next customs drop?
A: I announce drops on my ig @sweetndisgustingshop
Q: If I buy one of your custom pieces can I request more to be done to it?
A: Unfortunately no.
Q: I have a backpack and want to send it to you to have u customize it, can i do that?
A: I am currently not doing customs/commissions.
Q: Do you do promotional collabs?
A: No.
Q: When will X restock?
A: I never know if/when I'll be able to create another to restock. As stated in the description of the products and further up in my FAQ, I use discontinued early 00s plushes/backpacks the majority of the time which are hard to come by and cannot easily be restocked. Sign up for restock notifications under the item.
Q: Do you ship worldwide? With tracking?
A: Yes, I ship worldwide! Click here for shipping info.
Q: How long does it take to ship my order?
A: Click here for shipping info.
Q: How can I reserve a backpack?
A: I have a "reservation fee" listing on my website. When it's sold out I am not accepting reservations. Check the listing description for more info by clicking here.
Q: What should I do if my address is wrong?
A: Click here to use the "contact" page to send me an email IMMEDIATELY after your purchase with your order # so I can make the correct changes before purchasing your label. If a label has already been purchased, you will need to purchase another label
Q: Do you accept return, refunds, and/or exchanges?
A: Click the link here for info.